Analyze, Inspect, Track, Share & Rank
Entire Wordpress Sites
Get Complete Metrics for Page 1 Rankings


  • Analyze - check DA, PA, Total number of Backlinks & Social Shares for Every Page
  • Inspect - see page titles, know total internal, external and broken links for each page and quickly fix them
  • Track - track your Google search engine rankings and social scores across Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest And More
  • Share - 1 Click Social Share your pages to multiple Social Media sites for targeted traffic and social signals
  • Rank - Rank your sites in Google, Beat the Competition and Make More Money

Get Instant Access to WPAnalyst

Finally… A Complete 100% Safe & Easy to use Wordpress Plugin that Analyzes Entire Sites… letting you Tweak, Track & Share your Content so that you can RANK High & Crush The Competition in Google

Introducing WP Analyst

WPAnalyst is Fully Integrated with ...



Why Do Top Marketers Choose WPAnalyst?

Complete Website Analysis

Analyze your entire site and know what’s needed to RANK
High in Google

Push Button
Social Signals & Links

Share Pages & Posts on social sites with the click of a button

Authority Metrics Galore

Get valuable URL insights & metrics... know which pages have authority and which ones don’t.

Gauge Social Popularity

See how popular Posts & Pages are on the top social media sites...
Pinterest, Facebook & More

Google Rank Tracking

Track Rankings for all keywords and know what keywords perform the best 24/7 & behind the scenes.

Analyze, Inspect and Rank ANY Wordpress site

It's as Easy as 1,2,3

Step 1

Install the plugin on your Wordpress Site

Step 2

Configure the settings and let WpAnalyst Inspect and Track your site

Step 3

Tweak, Share and Rank your site to Page 1

Your Very Own Google Rank Magnet
Track, Tweak & Rank Your Way to Page 1

See What Others Are Saying...

I've been lucky enough to have a copy of wpAnalyst running in the background on one of my money sites and it has opened my eyes wide open as to the money I am leaving on the table. It also helps me see quite clearly where my backlinks and social signals are failing on some of the pages that could bring extra sales and revenue .. and not only that, it tracks all of my rankings on Google, Yahoo & Bing for multiple keywords.

This is truly a godsend !


David WhiteGold ( Goldie )

Analyze Every Page & Post… Push Button Easy…

  • Crawl & Analyze your entire site

  • Uncover Authority for each URL

  • Valuable Moz Metrics for each Page & Post

  • Know how many sites link to your pages 

  • Pinpoint & Repair broken links

  • Gauge & Boost Social Signals with 1 click

  • It’s never been this easy to Analyze, Inspect, Track, Share and Rank
    your entire wordpress sites using a single WP Plugin.

WPAnalyst is a simple to use wordpress plugin that inspects and analyzes every page on a site. It reveals valuable insights about each URL so that you can easily identify issues faced and then rectify them.

You will be able to see indepth details for every URL such as how many backlinks each page has, the page and domain authority for each URL, as well as how popular the sites are on social media sites… Plus so much more.

You will be able to see actual titles, actual values and actual data. Putting you in a position to quickly tweak your site for even better rankings.

WpAnalyst tells you Why a Site Ranks so Well

And with the inbuilt Google Rank Tracker you will be able to track your site for as many keywords as you like and know exactly how well your site is performing in Google each and every day.

Get Instant Access to WPAnalyst                                                             

WPAnalyst Puts You in Full Control                  

  • Analyze & Inspect Every URL On your Wordpress Site

  • Fix broken linking structures

  • Know how many backlinks each Page & post has

  • Know the Authority for each post & page

  • Track your Rankings for Multiple Keywords In Google

  • And so much more 

Just Checkout These Powerful Features

Works with Moz to get backlink count, DA & PA for every URL… so you know what pages have the most authority

Works with Multiple social media sites to pull back the popularity of each and every page on your site

Lets you share your posts and pages to social media sites to increase social signals and backlinks

Tests each page for broken links so that you can easily find and then replace/fix them

Tracks Search engine rankings in Google so you know exactly how well your keywords are performing

Ability to work with proxies so that you will never face any blocks from your server or IP’s

Works with deathbycaptcha & 2Captcha for full automation of captcha solving

Everything works in the background behind the scenes so you won't even know its running

Tracks URL authority over time so that you can see how the authority stacks up

Works with multiple moz accounts, proxies and captcha providers for a hands free approach

Here's five easy ways to start benefiting from WPAnalyst:


Analyze, Tweak & Rank
All Your Sites

Install the plugin on all your sites (expert), analyse, tweak and then rank them all

Stop Paying Monthly Fees
to Track your Rankings

Use the Google rank tracker to track unlimited keywords for your site and stop paying a monthly fee

Boost your Social Popularity
with only a Few Clicks

Simply click a button to share your posts and pages on social sites for even more signals and links

Save Time & Make Money

Rank Higher, Rank Faster, Save Time and Make more Money

Become An Analyst Expert

Analyze, Inspect, Track, Share & Rank your entire site like a true Marketing Expert!

Get Instant Access to WPAnalyst

Here's some of what our top Marketers have to say....

Abbs has scored another goal with the creation of WpAnalyst. This analysis tool is the easiest way to access your site metrics right inside of your Wordpress Dashboard. No more having to go here and there and everywhere else trying to gather all of the information.

In addition to seeing my authority metrics, there is also a link checker (yes, I had some broken links on a couple of my sites - you probably do too!). There is a Keyword Rank Tracker that includes a ranking history log, and Social Media posting capabilities, saving you even more time. By the way, I had a couple of issues with the plugin that I needed help with and Abbs Support Team got it fixed right away, which is the way he and his team always do things.

Thanks for this well thought out and very useful tool.


Josen Ruiseco
ShoutCloud Studios
Kansas City, Missouri USA

So How Much Will It Cost You To Tap Into
The Power of WPAnalyst?

Consider this... If you were to purchase individual software or apps to accomplish everything WPAnalyst does, it would break down like this...

Wordpress plugin that will analyse and crawl your entire site to find common issues such as broken links and then pin point them to you.

$67 and up!

An application that will connect with 3rd part sites such a Moz to get backlink counts and authority for each URL on your site

$67 and up!

A plugin that will gauge how popular each URL is on social media sites allowing you to increase social links and signals with 1 click.

$67 and up!

An application that tracks your Google rankings for as many keywords as you like 24/7 and behind the scenes

$67 and up!

Conservatively speaking, you could easily spend $250 or more to get all the functionality and capabilities that you get with WPAnalyst.

For a Very Limited time, Tap into the power of WPAnalyst for just a tiny fraction of that cost -
For as little as $9

Take advantage of our limited time launch pricing and get
WPAnalyst for an insanely low price!

Note: This pricing is only available to a limited number of users! Once we fill our quotas
At this pricing, we will be increasing the price significantly!

Just choose the option below that best fits your needs


All Features
Works on 1 Website
All Features
Works on Unlimited Websites
All Features
Works on Up-to 3 Websites


Our Zero Risk Guarantee
Full 30 day 100% Money Back Guarantee

I know you are going to LOVE this plugin but on the off chance that it just isn’t what you thought or you receive ZERO value from it (highly unlikely)... I’ll refund 100% of your purchase today, no questions asked, no hassle and no hard feelings.

So fearlessly click that BUY NOW button right now and let’s get you started


Questions? Comments? Check our FAQ below, or contact us!

Thanks for checking out my latest product!

Abbas Ravji

Frequently Asked Questions

Will WPAnalyst work on my computer?
WPAnalyst is a WordPress plugin and should be installed on your own WordPress blog. Simply login to your WordPress blog and start using WPAnalyst
Are Updates Included?
Standard plugin updates are included free of charge for the first year
Do I need a Paid for Moz Account?
No, we show you how to set things up for free
Are there any special setups needed to run the plugin?
As long as you have wordpress installed and your server is running php 5.3 or higher then the plugin will work. This plugin will work on both shared servers and dedicated servers on windows or linux
Does the plugin work on both posts and pages in Wordpress?
Yes, the plugin will work for both posts and pages.
Are there any tutorials?
Certainly, you will be given a PDF guide along with video tutorials showing you how to work with each feature.
Are there any other expenses to run WPAnalyst?
No, there are no other expenses to work with WPAnalyst but if Google is blocking the IP your server is hosted on then you will need to work with proxies (Full training is provided including sources from where you can get free proxies. Private proxies are however recommended) You will require an account with death By captcha or 2Captcha for auto captcha solving.
What If I need Support?
Getting support is easy, simply email our support staff and they will try to get back to you as soon as they can
What is the Refund Policy?
We offer a no questions asked 30 days money back guarantee.
I still have some questions, where can I send them?
You can reach us at